International Day of Education: Decision makers to invest in younger generation

Temitope Mustapha, Kano


Decision makers have been urged to invest in young generations through education, so as to consciously address problems facing the world .

The Chief of UNICEF Kano State, Maulud Nwarfa said this in Kano during the Maiden event organised to mark the Year 2020 International Development Day .

Nwarfa who disclosed that it was the first time the event will be celebrated in Nigeria made known that Kano  and Borno States were chosen as pilot states to mark the day.

He said Education is now recognized the world over as a major pillar and key to social development, Nwarfa added that without education the young generations will miss the future .

According to him, “generally the young people should be given responsibilities and should be invest on so as for them to be part of decision making on issues that affect their future as regards their future and climate change”

“Our message to parents here that they should also invest in education and not just to produce children that will only be on the streets but children that will take over responsibilities”

“Any state or country that ignores the young children and education simply leads the community and the entire country into failure”.

Speaking on creating visibility for children, Warfa said visibility is critical and that it is more about future of the children and the prosperity of the young generations.

Prioritising visibility for children is critical, UNICEF promotes the children and the young generations unborn,they have to be part of the decisions that will affect them globally”.

On his part , Muktar Ado Jubril , the Coordinator of the Girls Education Project, Gep 3 ,in Kano State, said for the world to achieve Prosperity,development of global essence ,all issues related to the Girl Child must be given priority.

According to Jubril, “Girls are also members of the global planet and they are members of the communities ,the world cannot achieve any target,if the girls are relegated to the background”.

During a pre-event activity to mark the day, the Kano State Commissioner of Education, Muhammad Sanusi-Kiru said  the enrollment level of the out of school children in the State has increased as over 500,000 of the children are now back to school.

Kiru added that the state witnessed drastic increase in enrollment following numerous intensive interventions put in place by the State goverment and the declaration of free and compulsory Education Kano State.

According to Sanusi-Kiru , “the 2018 report of World Bank says Kano has over 900,000 out of school children. But our own statistics as I am talk to you is revealing over 400,000 and their own statistics was 2018 and that was before the introduction of this free and compulsory education in the State”

12 year old Hauwa Hussaini who is also a Primary five pupil of Race Course Model Primary School,Nasarawa L.G said ,education has made her to be literate and more exposed to her rights.

Education has made be to be literate and now I can think very well”.

Primary six pupil of Special model school Gwale , Muhammad Hassan said he likes education as it makes him to now know how to read and write.

Hauwa Hussaini and Muhammed Hassan were part of the pupils who participated in the Art/drawing workshop organised by the Kano State Universal Basic Education Board and the UNICEF to mark the 2020 International Day of Education.

Kano State Chairman of Basic Education Board, Dr Danlami Hayyo ,called on every child of  the State to demand for informal education which he said is their right.

Meanwhile, a total number of ten schools participated at the art/drawing workshop.

Ime Njoku