Invest more on primary healthcare, gynaecologist urges government


A Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Ibrahim Wada, has urged the three tiers of government to invest more on primary healthcare in order to support secondary and tertiary hospitals in the country.

Wada said this at a scientific conference for the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) held at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

Theme of the conference was; “Making Our Hospitals Work Better: A Panacea For National Development”.

Wada, who was Founder, Nisa Premier Hospital, Abuja, said that primary healthcare centres should be a referral system to secondary and tertiary hospitals.

According to him, investing more on primary healthcare centres will reduce health issues transferred to secondary and tertiary hospitals.

“For primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals to work better, government needs to sort out factors affecting hospitals such as political will and core clinical services.

Others are economic waste, inefficiency, ineffectiveness, low quality care, lack of empathy, lack of infrastructure; 60 per cent of the primary healthcare centres in the North are mainly posts and dispensaries,” Wada said.

He called on private organisations to invest more on equipment and local production in primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals in the country.

Dr Olawale Oba, president of ARD, urged health workers to work in harmony in order to achieve a common goal of delivering quality healthcare services to patients.

“Making hospitals work better is not a one-man business because it involves multi approach system.

Multi approach system means government, health workers and the patients need to work together to make the hospitals work better,” he said.

“They should also increase health budgetary allocation which will help to improve all the hospitals in the country,” he said.