Islamic society holds dental, optical care for less privileged

Amina Mohammed, Abuja


The Al-Habibiyya Islamic Society of Nigeria is holding a 2-day Dental and Optical outreach programme for the poor in the suburbs of Abuja, the Federal Capital.

In collaboration with Whitestone Dental Initiative, the programme is aimed at providing specialised care to those who would not have ordinarily sought the services.

On the first day of the programme on Saturday, Dr Pamela Mcpherson the head of the Whitestone Dental Initiative said they resolved 34 optical cases, while they attended to 54 patients with varying degrees of dental problems.

The Imam of the Al-Habibiyya Islamic Society Alhaji Faud Adeyemi, said the society is inspired by the saying of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) who had asked Muslims to provide care for the less privileged and also having compassion for humanity.

He quotes the prophet as saying “whoever have pity on somebody, Allah would have pity for that person” also adding that “Islam teaches us to help the less privilege and love one another that was the reason why Al-Habibiyya uses the opportunity to help the less privilege that cannot afford for their Dental and Optical care to come and do it free of charge”.

Among those who received dental care was a woman in her late 60s whose 10 teeth were removed, and artificial denture provided to replace the teeth.

Another Participant Isah Yakubu expressed his appreciation for the Dental and Optical Care they got from Al-Habibiya and prayed for more of this kind of outreach.

The Whitestone Dental Initiative says over two hundred patients have registered and would be attended to on the second day of the programme.

Dr Pamela said part of the services being provided include: Denture delivery, diagnosis, scaling and polishing, dental filling, extraction, minor surgeries for Dental treatment while Automated eye care service, frames, contact lenses, glaucoma screening for Optical treatment.