ITTF 2018: Business owners celebrate ‘massive patronage’


Traders in the premises of Teslim Balogun, Stadium, venue of the 2018 Seamaster ITTF Challenge Nigeria Open, said they had good sales following the massive turnout of table tennis fans at the competition.

A snacks seller, Agata Etebeth, revealed that the sales she made on Saturday and Sunday was higher than previous days of the tournament.

Etebeth said she got value for the money she paid for the space allocated to her on Wednesday, the kick off date of the tournament which pulled fans from within and outside Lagos.

“I paid for a space to sell my snacks and the patronage has been wonderful, especially since Saturday because I realised good sales and made huge profit,” she said.

Bose Korede, a food vendor, affirmed it was an unpalatable experience for her in the first two days of the tournament as sales were poor and that she did not hit her target.

Korede said she anticipated high patronage and prepared as such, only to realise that fans preferred snack and drinks than food, which made her to reduce the quantity of food she brought in the remaining days.

“I prepared a big cooler of rice, with plantain, beans, meat and fish expecting people to buy but I managed to sell half of the the food I brought here,” she said.

An Ogun-based fabrics dealer, Taiwo Olusanya, said he got value for his money as fans and players from Nigeria and foreigners that came for the tournament visited his stand and bought materials.

Olusanya, who specialises in Adire fabrics, said it was his first time but he had recorded remarkable sales and that he operated a cash and carry system for customers.

“My coming to Lagos to market my wears is a big blessing, plenty people were coming to my stand and most of them liked the adire materials and bought.

“We paid some money for the space to the people in charge, but its worth it compared to the sales most of us recorded, I have sold almost everything,” he said.

Kofi Mensah, an ice cream seller, applauded organisers of the ITTF Open, saying he was at the venue for sales for just two days and made good sales which he usually made in five days toiling round.

“People that are here to watch this competition really bought ice cream, the hot weather also helped my market to move very well and I have plenty of gain,” Mensah said.

The ITTF Challenge Nigeria Open which took place in Molade Okoya-Thomas Hall, Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos was held from Aug. 8 to Aug. 12.