Jakarta Plants 1,000 Trees to Reduce Pollution


Jakarta Plants 1,000 Trees to Reduce Pollution in Urban Forest, Kemayoran, North Jakarta.

Jakarta Metro Police Chief Police Chief Gen. Insp. Nana Sudjana, the mayor of North Jakarta, Sigit Wijatmoko and representative elements of the Indonesian army (TNI) also participated in planting 1,000 tree seedlings Jakarta, on Friday morning.

Pollution becomes an emergency in Jakarta. Planting lots of trees can absorb CO2. That’s our purpose,” said Nana in the location today, January 10, 2020.

In addition, the police said that trees can act as a water reservoir which is good for flood prevention in Jakarta. This morning, he planted guava seeds.

Besides the trees, Nana and his men have released about 7,000 types of fish seedling and distributed it to the lakes in Urban Forest.

The actions of planting trees and releasing fish seeds also broke the Muri Record. General Nana was named Jakarta Metro Police chief who planted most trees in the city park.



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