Jude Esele calls for safety measures at concert venues


A trade union leader Mr Peter Esele, has told the Federal Government to install security measures to protect people during public shows, especially at events during festive seasons.

Speaking in Lagos, Esele said that he was disturbed over the visible lack of security measures to protect audiences during public shows.

Esele, a former President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Nigeria, said it had become imperative to introduce safety measures, due to the upsurge in public entertainment activities.

According to him, accidents do not send warning signals before happening and it is good for government to be proactive all the time, to protect members of the public.

“Concerts and event organisers as well as government regulators should pay close attention to even the tiniest detail.

“Accidents do not send or announce themselves beforehand.

“We might get away with sad occurrences for many years but when they happen, I can assure you from experience that the outcome will be fatal. If in doubt, ask Boeing.”

Esele pointed out that a city like Lagos should be a place of interest for government and concert organisers, advising that the safety of people watching shows should be taken seriously henceforth.

Something as basic as signs pointing to restrooms should be provided so that people do not have to wander around the premises, trying to figure out where to ease off.

“It is also important that safety protocols are announced intermittently in the course of any event in Lagos or any other city.”

The unionist said that Lagos was fast becoming a Mecca for local and international artistes wanting to showcase their skills, arguing that infrastructure should therefore, be put in place to make event venues to look maintain global best standards.

“It is one thing to admire international concerts or invite foreign artistes to Nigeria but it is a different ball game to follow through with a high level of planning.

“They must go hand in hand. If we must copy, then we must copy well while adding our own unique flavour to the mix.

Esele expressed delight with the positive impact being made by Nigerian artistes on the world stage, saying that artistes have continued to put Nigeria on the world map.