Juliet Njemanze wants more opportunities for new actors


Nollywood producers need to give more opportunities to talented upcoming actors, says seasoned actress, Juliet Njemanze.

Njemanze received critical acclaim for her work in ‘The Escort’ and ‘The Calabash Series’ directed by Obi Emelonye, the brain behind Ibrahim Babaginda’s biopic, ‘Badamosi’.

She described the industry as a jungle, especially for actors and actresses. She urged producers to resist the temptation to cast the same set of actors all the time year-round such that there is no space for talented upcoming actors.

According to her, giving new people the chance in front of the camera will increase the pool of actors and help expand the industry beyond a certain circle.

Njemanze praised Ramsey Nuoah for casting the previously unknown Swanky JKA as his lead in ‘Living in Bondage: Breaking Free’.

She said that it was clear to the audience that the actor brought a fresh perspective to the film and did not stop the film from making over a N100 million in the box office.

Describing the growth of the industry, she said: “I would say we are moving which is great. Our movies are shown on Netflix now. “There is a category in the Oscar Awards where Nigerian movies could get nominated. The growth is evident and we are proud.”

Njemanze, who is also a businesswoman, told said that she has plans to share more of her works with the audience especially in 2020.

“I have six unreleased films which will all come out in 2020 and there is going to be more of me on my social media platforms,” she said.