June 12: President Buhari promises more agricultural reforms, climate change mitigation

Adama Ladan


President Buhari has promised to further develope Nigeria’s agricultural sector as well as intensify efforts aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change.

The president made the disclosure while giving his speech on the June 12 celebration at the Eagle Square in Abuja.

The Nigerian government has under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari initiated many policies that have revolutionised agriculture in the country. One of such is the Anchor Borrowers Programme which provides financial support for farmers in the country.

He said “ we will take steps to integrate rural economies to the national economic “grid” by extending access to small-scale credits and inputs to rural farmers, credit to rural micro-businesses and opening up many critical feeder roads.

Secondly, for small-scale enterprises in towns and cities, we shall expand facilities currently available so that we continue to encourage and support domestic production of basic goods and reduce our reliance of imported goods as I will outline later”.

He said regarding food security that farmers have made great strides in local production of rice, maize, cassava, poultry, fertilizer, fisheries and sesame, adding that his administration remains resolute in supporting private sector in emphasizing backward integration and export expansion plans.

President Buhari also said that during this administration, he will remain committed to improving the lives of people by consolidating efforts to address key issues that include the emerging challenges of climate change and resettling displaced communities.

The president spoke on the adverse effects of deforestation to the environment which is a great concern for not only Nigeria but many other countries around the globe.

He said ” Felling of trees to provide energy for domestic use is taking its toll on our rain forests, our ecology and our climate. Accordingly, we are taking steps to harness cleaner and more sustainable sources of electricity. We export over 2 million tons of cooking gas, yet we consume less than half a million tons.

We will work to address this issue and support rural communities with challenges of safely switching from firewood to cooking gas”.

The Nigerian leader also explained that “Dedicated agro-industrial processing zones will be developed on a PPP basis to increase farming yields, agricultural productivity and industrial output”.

President Buhari said that ongoing projects across the country will also be completed to reduce journey times and critical feeder roads will be built for easier transportation of people and goods from rural areas to major roads.