Justin Bieber sued for unauthorised use of his photo


Photographer, Robert Barbera has filed a lawsuit against popstar, Justin Bieber for copyright infringement.

Justin Bieber shared a paparazzi picture of himself earlier this year on Instagram.

The photo in question, which shows the singer with his friend Rich Wilkerson, was posted on Bieber’s Instagram in March, but Barbera has only just got around to filing the legal documents.

In the court documents, Barbera asserted that Bieber was guilty of “unauthorised reproduction and public display” of his photography.

“Barbera is the author of the Photograph and has at all times been the sole owner of all right, title and interest in and to the Photograph, including the copyright thereto,” the documents read.

Barbera has stated that Bieber did not attempt to “license the photograph” from him at any point, and as such he did not have the “permission or consent to publish” the picture.