Jute leaves  lower cholesterol, stabilise blood pressure – Expert


Mr. Adewale Samson, a food scientist, says jute leaves popular locally known as “ewedu’’ is suitable to stabilise blood pressure,  to lower cholesterol and other diseases affecting humans.

Samson, who is also a farmer said in Abuja that ewedu vegetable, often prepared by the Yoruba ethnic group is highly beneficial to the body.

The food scientist said that ewedu is packed with nutrients the body could not produce,known by different names in different ethnic groups in Nigeria was also popular among the West Africans.

According to him, Omega 3 content in ewedu is useful in maintaining good level of blood pressure when consumed.

Samson said that ewedu was also able to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and could reduce the risk of heart disease.

Samson said that sufferers of dry scaly skin could make ewedu a part of their regular diet to help keep the skin soft, supple and smooth.

He said that other health benefits of ewedu include helping to fight cancer, packed with fibre for digestive system, strengthen bones and teeth, reduce the pain and prevent skin cancer.

He advised everyone to make ewedu part of his or her daily diet because of its numerous health benefits “and it is also affordable for both rich and poor’’.