Kaduna fans express mixed reactions to Eagles’ ouster


Reactions have continued to trail Nigeria’s Super Eagles defeat by Argentina in the ongoing 2018 World Cup in Russia on Tuesday with some fans blaming it on the officiating.

The fans, who expressed mixed feelings said that the Super Eagles’ tragic 1-2 loss to Argentina and ouster from the competition, said the Centre Referee and others factors, including alleged racism was still showing its face in the global football fiesta.

The lamented that the Super Eagles suffered poor officiating from the Turkish Referee, Cuneyt Cakir.

“We were denied a second penalty won after Argentina’s No. 16 jersey, Marcos Rojos, used his hand on the ball,” a fan Sunday Idi said.

According to him, “that referee did “ojoro” (he was partial), that handball was supposed to be penalty, but in spite of using VAR he still denied us the penalty because it’s Africa.

“If it was a handball against Nigeria, I am sure he would have awarded it, there is still racism in FIFA.”

Idi expressed the belief that the referee was unjust to the Eagles and Nigeria, while if you look at the stadium all was supporting the Argentines, probably because of their skin.

Anita Musa, a female fan who said she was devastated by the outcome, noting that she could not sleep following the loss.

Musa said she was totally disappointed with the outcome of the match, adding: “God knows the best, let the team come back, they have done their best”.

Patrick Ozi-Ajayi, a Barcelona FC and Lionel Messi fan’s, however, said at the beginning of the match, that he was in a dilemma to either support his favorite player or his country.

He said, “Before the match I had already made up my mind that anybody that wins is fine with me.”

Ozi-Ajayi, however, said that though he was happy Messi scored, he was lamenting that the match was not balanced.

Bala Zubairu another Barcelona FC fan said he knew the outcome of the match would not be favorable to Nigeria because the Super Eagles could not win Argentina based on past records.

“Once again the Argentine side has proven to be a better side.

“The outcome of the match has obviously broken the heart of many Nigerians from all walks of live because the Super Eagles could not go beyond the first round in the 2018 World Cup,” he added.