Kaduna submits 2020 proposed budget to State Assembly

Asma'u Halilu, Kaduna


The Acting Governor of Kaduna State, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe has presented N257.9bn as 2020 proposed budget estimate size with capital and recurrent spendings at N190.3bn and N67.8bn respectively.

While presenting the budget estimate at the Kaduna State House of Assembly, she gave a breakdown of the multi year budget according to sectoral allocation as thus:

Economic Sub Sector which includes Agriculture, businesses innovation and technology, housing and urban development, public works and infrastructures will amount to N80.6bn.

The Social Sector is covers education, health and social development is allocated is N76.5bn while the Regional Sub Sector which has environment, natural resources and water accounts for N4.8bn.

And for General Administration which covers the Executive, governance, law and justice and the legislature is also allocated N27.9bn.

According to the Deputy Governor, the summary clearly shows that the 2020 budget estimate indicates goverment’s priority in human capital development and physical infrastructures.

She said their administration has announced commitment to expand access to education, hence from 2020, education in Kaduna State becomes compulsory and free till the completion of secondary or technical vocational education.

Dr. Hadiza also explained that, prior to 2020, all children were provided nine years free education up to junior secondary school with the exception of the girl child who was granted free education to the completion of secondary education.

“To improve health outcome for our people, we shall continue upgrade of the primary health care system by bringing in more equipment, ensuring standard furnishings for all facilities. We shall aldo expand the coverage of immunization and other health promotion and disease prevention programs,” she stressed.

Health Professionals
Dr. Hadiza also mentioned that, government will recruit health professionals and also work towards reducing infant and maternal mortality.

The Deputy Governor further stated that, the ongoing urban renewal projects demonstrates that, government views infrastructure as critical to citizens welfare, the competitiveness of the State and it’s economic development.

Speaking further on the budget size, the Deputy Governor said, the budget emphasises physical realism which limits its size strictly to realisable revenues.

“The key fiscal Target of 2020 estimate are; funding up to conclusion priority ongoing projects and reducing the backlog of inherited liabilities, maintaining a favorable propotion of capital and recurrent expenditure and expanding the revenue generation capacity of the State”.

Biometric Verification
She said that government will remain vigilant about the integrity of the payroll to ensure that personnel cost are spent solely on genuine workers. Accordingly, continuous biometric verification would be carried out on all public servants in all arms of government to remove ghost workers and those with fake certificates.

“In addition, the Ministry of Finance will issue debit cards to all MDAs to ensure transparency and accountability in the spending of overhead and as well as eliminate the risk of money laundering and waste”.

As regards the monitization policy on the sales of all non essential residential houses of the State goverment, she said, aside judges of Supreme Court and the Governor and his Deputy that must be provided housing in kind, no other public officer is entitled to goverment housing under the current guidelines.

“The policy has led to reduce maintenance cost while encouraging home ownership. The policy was complemented and supported with the robust mortgage system that has made available about N4bn for citizens of Kaduna State to grow upon so that they can own homes rather that just rent,” she said.

She assured that, government will therefore not return to the inefficient practice of building and maintaining thousands of residential houses for a few privileged public servants, hence, the decision to complete the sales of the essential residential quarters.

Receiving the budget, the Speaker, Kaduna Assembly, Aminu Shagali said the budget presentation marks another critical mild stone in the ongoing transformation in the State.

“The State Assembly is focused and will continue to support the present administration to achieve it’s developmental goals. We are aware that the major source of the State’s revenue comes from the Federation account, but with efforts already put in place by government and that of the Assembly through various reforms introduced, we can proudly say that government has done well in IGR.

He therefore called on all Kaduna citizens to give their support by paying all that is due to government in good time, saying, having a strong base for IGR, saves government from seeking high interest rate loans from International organizations and banks.

The event was graced by Senior government officials, Legislatures, Kaduna citizens and various stakeholders in different sectors of the State.


Confidence Okwuchi