Kaduna governor urges youths to prioritize collaboration in peace building

Asma'u Halilu,Kaduna


The Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai has urged youths to prioritize collaboration in peace building, tolerance and social inclusion.

He made the call at the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected State Executive Council of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kaduna State chapter at the Government House in Kaduna.

He mentioned that Kaduna badly needs inclusion, unity and peace which if the young people can buy into and even practice it, the State will be peaceful.

Young people, youths and women  suffer the most from conflict and lack of peace. They are also the tools used to promote insecurity and disrupt peace”.

Speaking on entrepreneurship, the Governor disclosed that, there are many schemes in the State to help the youths who are interested in starting their own businesses such as the training, skills acquisition and financial programs.

We are doing this because everyone cannot be employed by goverment, hence the need for us to provide the platform and the opportunity to take your ideas, convert them into businesses and employ others too”.

Governor El-Rufai noted that, the future of the Country and the State in particular is in the hands of the young people, which he said, they can lead if they acquire agood education.

“If the youths dedicate themselves to quality education and are not careless with their health and particularly do not get attracted to drugs, they will achieve every of their potentials”.

Not all businesses you start will succeed, many will fail but you can restart over and over because failures are lessons. And government will support you no matter how many times you try and fail because ultimately, it is that one success out of ten failures that may give us Kaduna’s version of Aliko Dangote”.

In his address, Nathan Bagudu, the National Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria said, they were the authoritative mouthpiece of the Nigerian Youth under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Youth & Sport Development which is also affiliated to the World Assembly of Youth.

He said they were in Kaduna to witness the symbolic event of the inauguration of the Leadership of the

Youth Council as well as to decorate the Governor as the Grand Patron of the Youth.

The NYCN is the Co-ordinating organisation for all youth related programmes and policies of government towards youth development which covers over 2,300 registered voluntary youth organisations with a total of about

3.2 million people below the age of 45 years in both rural and urban settlement of the State”.

The Leadership of the Association also requested that government provides them with a functional secretariat, mobility and the inclusion of the State as well as Local Government representatives at security meetings.

Ime Njoku