Kaduna government queries absentee Doctors

Asma'u Halilu, Kaduna


Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Dr Hadiza Balarabe has directed the Chief Medical Director of Rigasa General Hospital to issue queries to absentee Doctors.

She gave the directives when she went on an unexpected visit to the hospital, which was reported to be unkempt and unsuitable to offer medical services to people.

According to her, the visit to Rigasa General Hospital was necessitated by a post on Twitter handle about the unhygienic condition of the hospital and nonchalant attitude of the health staff towards patients which required urgent attention.

Filthy Hospital Environment
She lamented on the filthy hospital environment and lack of Doctors to attend to patients, saying, there are patients whose conditions are critical and required admission during her visit.

“This is unacceptable, it is our responsibility to ensure our environment is clean. There is no moral justification for the health workers of this facility to give talk to people on how to keep their environments clean while the hospital is very dirty and unkempt. As at 10:00am, aside the CMD, there is no any Doctor on ground to attend to patients and there are some patients who require admission and laboratory test,” the Deputy Governor said.

She had directed the Chief Medical Director to issue queries to the absentee Doctors who had failed to report to work and attend to the patients.

She said  that it does not augur well with what they preach as government especially as health is being priotised in the State.

She further explained that, the burn and bury site of the facility was terrible.

“Instead of dumping refuse in the pit, it is scarttered all over. And they do not dispose used niddles in the safety boxes but in the dustbin which is likely to infect those responsible for handling the refuse,” she expressed.

Dr Hadiza cautioned the CMD from asking for more from government because they have failed in discharging their responsibilities with the resources and equipment provided to them by government, saying, they should show demonstration and commitment with the task assigned to them.

“From what I have seen, there is no adequate utilization of what has been made available to the hospital for them to ask for more. I therefore urge the entire staff of the hospital to do more in making a difference in way they relate to the community,” she said.

Constituting Committees
She encouraged the CMD to constitute committees on hospital infection control and facility management and also relate well with the community by getting people of influence and requisite resources that could help people to access services.

The Deputy Governor explained that the Ministry of Health which she oversees will meet with all the CMDs of different hospitals across the State in order to fashion out ways in which they need to make improvements in their respective facilities.

Inadequate Attendants
The Chief Medical Director of Rigasa General Hospital, Dr Maryam Abubakar said the facility was faced with the challenge of inadequate attendants, saying, they employ the use of volunteers which they pay one thousand naira monthly just to put the facility in use.

Dr. Maryam said that the hospital has ten attendants which covers the entire shifts as against other general hospitals that have attendants on contract employed by the State government.

She however assured that the entire staff would make amends and improve on their attitudes by making the hospital environment clean and accessible.

She appreciated the visit of the Deputy Governor and used the medium to solicit for more assistance from the Kaduna State government.


Confidence Okwuchi