Kaduna launches 792 KW solar for health projects

Asma’u Halilu


Kaduna State goverment has commissioned 47.5kw solar health system at the Doka general hospital which is along Kaduna-Abuja highway.


During the lunch at Kachia Local Coucil, Kaduna, the Deputy Governor of the State, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe said the commissioning signals the lunch of Kaduna solar health phase two.


She said that the key obligation of government to it’s people is the provision of quality health care, hence, the launch of the solar system.


Dr Hadiza disclosed that, Doka hospital was selected as the flagship center of the phase of Kaduna solar because of it’s strategic location and function as a first respondent place for accidents and emergencies along Kaduna-Abuja highway.


“The hospital location is a critical corridor leading to a number of States in Northern Nigeria. With the installation of this solar system, hospital operations, including storage of blood or transfusion and other items including refrigeration, which relies on steady power supply will remarkable improve”.


According to her, government is fuelled by the desire to put people first in all policies and programs, hence, it is driven by a sense of equal opportunities for all residents.


“It is in this regard that the State, propelled by the poor power supply from the National grid and the unpleasant experiences from some of the our hospitals, bieng left with no choice but to risk the lives of our mothers and babies by taking candle light deliveries that led to this collaboration”.


The Deputy Governor said, by improving power supply, we can help reduce the associated risk of loss of lives.


The State will continue to pursue this goal, upgrade hospital infrastructure and make significant improvement in power supply which will be taken in phases”.


She added that, the Kaduna solar for health projects actually began in 2015 which had the goal of improving access to health care by delivering sustainable uninterrupted power supply to all PHCs across the various Local Coucils.


Dr Hadiza said the Kaduna solar program has installed 1.6 MW of solar across 34 PHCs which have been operational for two years now. We are Commissioning 47.5KW here at Doka and the balance of 744KW across 12 other hospitals will be completed before the end of the first quota of 2020.


She assured of government’s commitment to ensure the success of Kaduna solar for health.