Kano residents call for more recreation spots


Some residents of Kano have called on the state government and privileged individuals to invest in the entertainment sector, especially recreational facilities.

The residents noted that there were inadequate recreational facilities in the state.

According to them, this has prevented the people of the state from enjoying themselves to the fullest during festive periods.

Mr Emeka Uzo, a resident of Sabongari area, said that he took his wife and two children to two recreational centres in the area but was forced to leave because of the huge number of fun seekers at the centres.

Uzo added that if there were more recreational centres, he would have had the choice to visit others.

He said though there were other centres located outside the metropolis, most of them were not affordable to an average Kano resident.

Also, Mrs Mary Bako, a resident of Naibawa quarters in Tarauni area, said there was the need for more investment in the recreation and entertainment sector in the state.

Bako said more investment in the sector could open more job opportunities and help scale down crimes in the area.

“I have been living in Kano for more than 30 years now, and whenever we do not travel home for Christmas and New year, we usually get bored due to lack of good recreational places to visit”, she said.

Malam Usman Babangida, another resident said, having more recreational facilities would serve both Christians and Muslims as well as other Nigerians during holidays.

He said that privately-owned amusement centres in Kano were usually over-crowded due to limitations, with operators fixing fares that were out of the reach of the ordinary people.

Babangida appealed to the state government and other wealthy businessmen to invest more in the sector in order to allow people have relaxation places to visit.


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