Kenya governor wants bank account freeze lifted


The controversial governor of Kenya’s capital Nairobi has asked a court to lift the freeze on his bank accounts.

The authorities have frozen five of Mike Sonk’s accounts that are suspected to be holding proceeds of corruption.

The Asset Recovery Agency, a state agency that recovers proceeds of crime, is investigating the accounts in connection to suspicious transactions at the Nairobi county government.

But Mr Sonko said in his request that he could not financially support himself, report says.

The governor’s lawyer has also questioned the validity of the court order used by the agency to freeze the accounts, according to report.

Last month Mr Sonko was barred from accessing his office by an anti-corruption court until he is cleared of charges of awarding tenders worth 357m Kenyan shillings ($3.5m; £2.6m) to his close aides.

He has vowed to fight the allegations, saying they are part of a witch-hunt carried out for political reasons.

Noordin Haji, Kenya’s director of public prosecutions has said previously that he has enough evidence to prosecute Mr Sonko, and other officials, for money laundering and unlawful acquisition of public property.

Nairobi ward representatives are expected to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss an impeachment motion against Mr Sonko.


Dominica Nwabufo



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