Key challenges confronting Ojota dump site identified

Insufficient trucks, lack of First Aid Centre and good road networks have been identified as  major challenges at the Ojota dump site.
The Chairman, TopSand Waste Pickers Association, Mr Taiwo Abiodun made this known in Lagos.
According to him, the seven trucks currently at the dump site are not enough to push the waste far away from the surface of the roads into the swampy areas.
”The dump site can still serve its purpose for the next 10 years.
”There are still many swampy areas yet to be filled up and compacted.
”At present, there are just  seven trucks at the dumpsite and this is not enough as you can see.
”We need more caterpillars for the waste to be properly taking care of, and we are appealing to the Lagos State Government to mobilise more caterpillars to the dump site,” he said.
Abiodun said that the dump site had over 3, 000 waste pickers currently working  there and were registered with the association and that the association was there to take care of the welfare of all its members and others visiting the dumpsite daily.
Julius Amaechi, the association’s secretary said that there was a dare need of a  First Aid centre at the dump site.
”How we operate here is that when the trucks gets to the platform to off load, the waste pickets in larger numbers rushed to the platform to pick materials dear to them.
”In the process, some of them get injured by some sharp materials or by the truck or by the caterpillar when its coming to push the waste out of the platform.
”We have cases like that every day and our task force will rush and rescue them.
”When they bring them out the problems had been to get prompt first aid treatment for the victims,” he said.
Amaechi said that the areas needed a good road networks so that trucks would enter from one gate and go out through the other gate.
He said that it would help to decongest the roads and facilitate trucks off loading easily and doing as many trips as possible.