Kwara Governor directs ministry to provide water within 100 days

Tunde Akanbi, Ilorin  

Kwara State Governor-AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

The Kwara state Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has directed the Ministry of Water Resources to deliver constant water supply to specific areas of Ilorin, the state capital, within 100 days.

The Governor also asked the ministry and affected consultants to ensure that there is water in every part of the state by getting all the dams working, pledging to give them the necessary support.

AbdulRazaq gave the order during an unscheduled visit to Agba Dam, Asa Dam Water Works and Western Reservoir (Adewole) where he lamented that no part of the state gets constant water supply despite the over N6bn already sunk into the water reticulation project.

The Governor said he might wield the big stick in form of “house cleaning” if the ministry does not deliver on his directive.

 “We have a mandate to deliver water to our people and within the next 100 days.

 “For a start, I want to see constant water supply in specific areas of Ilorin, it may be Ilorin East, South or West or anything (where these particular dams cover),” he said after listening to the ministry’s officials.

 “Don’t keep talking. We want action. Our people want water. No part of Ilorin or anywhere in this state do people have water.

 “Raise a memo to state what the problems are and what’s needed to fix them. People are tired of empty talk.

 “We have to solve the problems now. Forget the big word reticulation, let’s fix the problem. We need immediate memo on what the problems are and we will give you all the support,” Abdulrazaq added.

The Governor said his administration was determined to provide potable water to the entire state, even if in phases, in line with its campaign promises.

“We need to think out of the box. I’m serious about having water in our homes within 100 days. We have the mandate to deliver water to our people,” he said.

Peace PIAK