Kwara Governor elect pledges to rebuild education sector

Edwin Akwueh, Abuja


The newly elected Governor of Kwara state in north central Nigeria, Mr. Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq, has said that his focus will be to rebuild basic infrastructural facilities in the state’s education sector as part of efforts to boost capacity among the citizenry.

Mr. Abdulrazaq who disclosed this in an interview told Voice of Nigeria Correspondent Edwin Akwueh, assured the people of Kwara state that when the new government is sworn in on May 29, his administration would truly usher in a new beginning for the home of harmony, as the state is popularly referred to.

He also spoke on some of the issues that emanated from the just concluded 2019 general election, explaining how his party, the APC would help improve the electoral process.

“By the time we fully come on board, our government would do everything possible to sanitize the entire system and ensure we put an end to all these election malpractices that our opponents are used to. Do you know that in some situations, sheets of ballot papers are missing, and no body seems to be bordered about it.”

“We know that once we are inaugurated, our opponents will no longer have access to the state resources to continue their mismanagement of our public funds. Our primary focus would be to start from the scratch and rebuild everything especially in the education sector. In some of the schools, the children sit on the floor because there are no sufficient chairs, structures are delabidated and welfare of teachers is nothing to write home about. So, we have our job cut out for us.”

According to the Governor elect, the 2019 general election was largely successful although there are still avenues for improvement before we can get to where we want to actually be.

“Even on the day that the Vice President visited us just before the Presidential and National Assembly elections, some of us were attacked by hoodlums and I was wondering why people will be so crazy for power that they go as far as attacking the convoy of the Vice President who was on a familiarisation visit. Such attitudes should not be part of our election process, I can assure you that.”

Mr. Abdulrazaq also gave insight into the Otò gè mantra which completely changed the orientation of Kwara people in the area of politics and governance, and revolutionalised the entire political structure of the state.

“Otò gè in a simple form means, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And what we are saying is that, we have had enough of the ill infrastructure, enough of bad roads, enough of non payment of teachers and pensioneers as at and when due, and enough of all those things that impoverish our people.”

“We must get our people out of poverty, and make Kwara to work for all but not for a few,” he stressed.