Labour leader lauds Infrastructure development in Nigeria

Solomon Chung, Ilorin

Labour Party's Governorship aspirant for Kwara State North Central, Mr Issa Aremu

The infrastructure development stride of President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership is commendable and shows that Nigeria’s commonwealth is being gradually returned to the people.

Renowned Labour leader, Mr Issa Aremu said this on Monday when he went on an inspection tour of the Ilorin-Jebba-Mokwa construction project in Kwara State.

“I am quite impressed that we can have this kind of first class infrastructure in an economy just coming out of recession and that shows that if there is political will, there will be will for development,” Mr Aremu who is also the governorship aspirant for Kwara State, North Central Nigeria under the flagship of Labour Party said.

He said; ”The spectacular rebuilding of Ilorin-Jebba-Mokwa road in record time by the Nigerian Government shows that we can have Nigeria renaissance for development.

”For me, it is nostalgia for home coming because I have passed through this road several times from my primary and secondary schools days up till my university education in Ahmadu Bello Universitu, Zaria.”

“I knew what this road used to be in the 70s and 80’s, I also knew what it used to be in the 90s when it went completely bad.

It is remarkable that the Buhari’s administration under the supervision of Minister Babatunde Fashola has shown that we do not need to do shoddy jobs for our infrastructure because they are for the benefit of Nigerians,’’ Aremu said.

President commended
He applauded President Buhari for bringing back that Nigeria that once worked, given example of the road constructions, the rails, the airports among others.

“There was once a Nigeria that worked. But when corruption took over in place of developmental agenda, things went bad.But now, development agenda is back under the Buhari administration.

That is why I am happy that the road which took 25 years to be destroyed, the administration is fixing it under two years. For me, it is extremely remarkable…The money spent on this road could be diverted like what they were doing before, but with this road all of us will benefit,’’ he said.

Railway investment
Aremu also commended the administration for investing in railway and other critical infrastructure across the country.

”I travelled by train from Kaduna to Abuja and from Abuja city to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport before I took flight to Ilorin…I can confirm that we have also seen revival of railway. That is great. Yes, Nigeria can borrow money, if it is for genuine infrastructure development that people can see just like these, there is no problem. I am happy that with the pace at which the administration is going, the reference points can no longer be Singapore or South Africa, it will be Nigeria,’’ he said.

The labour leader also hailed the concept of bi-partisan cooperation and healthy collaboration between the Nigerian and state government.

In particular, he used the rice revolution partnership to drive home his points.

“This was made possible because of the genuine cooperation between the Nigerian and Kebbi state governments…Other States, therefore should learn to cooperate with the Nigerian Government to engender robust relationship for development

“When they cooperate, we can see very good roads like this, and food security, security, educational development, access to water.

“Let there be bi-partisan alliance for development. We can be critical, but we can’t doubt if a good job is done…I am proudly from Labour Party and I recognise the good works being done by the Nigerian Government,” he further stated.


Mercy Chukwudiebere