Lagos Governor-elect calls for unity

Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos


The Governor-elect of Lagos state, Nigeria’s commercial capital, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has called for peace and unity amongst the people of the various ethnic groups resident in the state.

He made the call in his acceptance speech at the Secretariat of his party, the All Progressives Congress in Ikeja, the State capital.

Mr. Sanwo-Olu recalled that there were attempts by some candidates in the run up to the gubernatorial election to create an ethno-religious crisis in the state in their efforts to garner votes.

“There were things that were said during the campaigns that shouldn’t have been said and tactics employed that were short sighted and potentially destructive to the social accord and harmony our people have enjoyed in Lagos. Those who tried to use ethnicity to bring discord in hope that such tactics might give them victory have been sorely disappointed.”

Focus on the future

The governor-elect said he is committed to working on the vision of a Lagos open to all who wish to reside or do business within the state.

“Lagos is home to over twenty million people, each day thousands more troop into the state in search of opportunities and a better life. The geographical space we occupy is limited, land is scarce. On this small piece of land we call our state, we must provide livelihood to all who are here today and all who shall come tomorrow. It requires a special people to meet this challenge.”

He said that his administration will be committed to advancing and building on the tradition of construction of modern infrastructure needed to improve living conditions and encourage greater business and investments whilst still enhancing social services to ensure that basic needs of the modest and the poor are met and that Lagosians shall not be deprived of any humane care and dignity.