Lagos holds leadership training for Labour leaders

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

Lagos State Commissioner for Establishments Training and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson-Oke

The Lagos State government has organised a capacity building for Union leaders and other stakeholders towards fostering a constructive collaboration with the government.

The State restates its resolve to continue to ensure a cordial relationship with the organised labour Union aimed at ensuring industrial harmony by embracing a team spirit in the approach to addressing and resolving labour-related matters.

At a two-day training workshop organised by the Lagos state Ministry of Establishments Training and Pensions, participants were urged to take advantage of the sessions to enhance their knowledge in utilising the mechanism of collective bargaining to advance the causes of trade unionism for the benefit of the Lagos work force and between the government and the people.

The Commissioner for Establishments Training and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson-Oke while speaking on ‘Trade Unionism, Collective Bargaining and leadership for Trade Union leaders’, explained that the state appreciated the invaluable role of labour in the wealth production process for the government and has taken as priority the welfare, renumeration, comfort and their  continuing education and training.

“Since 2015 when the government has embarked on series of training, I consider this training as perhaps the most strategic and consequencial in terms of preserving, enhancing and solidifying the admirable and commendable relationship of industrial harmony that existed between the organised labour unions in Lagos State and the administration of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode.”

 “Indeed, when the machinery and apparatus of government are working, the temptation is for the people to take the things that matter for granted. Another temptation is to be satisfied with the status quo and fail to imagine an even better state of affairs.

In Lagos State, we recognise these temptations and are committed to avoiding them. Thus, we are committed to investing in trainings and other activities and programmes that will ensure the continuation of industrial harmony in the State,” the Commissioner said.              

Collective bargaining
Dr. Benson-Oke said that the State has over the years used the process of collective bargaining to further mutual understanding, deepen trust and established a symbiotic relationship among the stakeholders.

“This is the first time in the political history of Lagos state, that one government will run for more than three years without any industrial crisis. It speaks volume.” he said

He emphasized that the training was an attempt to promoting social dialogue which formed part of the recommendations of the International Labour Organisation ILO for ensuring industrial harmony and public satisfaction with the public service.

Progressive partnership
The Chairman Lagos state Public service Joint Negotiating Council, Mr Rasaq Falade was delighted for the training which according to him would form a progressive partnership between the government and the union in the State.

He said: “Actually, this programme is long over due and we are very grayeful to the goveenmnt, though we don’t expect anything less especially regarding this training for our members. The governor has been a performing governor. However, Lagos is investing a lot in the infrastructure renewal projects and human capacity building and we are happy to be a partner in progress.”

Proactive ideology
The Chairman Labour Congress, Lagos state council, Comrade Idowu Adelakun said that the State has been very proactive in terms of attending to demands of the labour unions and that has been the causative of the harmonious atmosphere enjoyed in the state over time.

Adelakun who promised a continuous cordial environment between the State and the Union stated that the organised labour was looking forward to the implementation of the new minimum wage by the State.

He said that five members were picked from each Union to be part of the training.

Confidence Okwuchi