Lagos residents want peaceful election


By Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos

Residents of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria have sued for peace as the country prepares for its gubernatorial elections across its thirty-six states.

In a chat with our correspondent, some residents expressed apprehension over what they said might be a repeat of pockets of violence experienced in some parts of the coastal city during the February 23, Presidential election.

Chidi Onu, a trader in Lagos wants the people of Lagos to refrain from politics of bitterness and conduct themselves in a most peaceful manner. He says the unity of the country should be uppermost in the minds of all.

For Odusanmi Micheal, a free and fair election is paramount. He wants security personnel to provide adequate security for election personnel and materials.

Halidu Ismail expects things to be normal. He says notwithstanding the violence in some parts of the State in the run up to the Presidential election, Lagos will remain largely peaceful and will see a successful gubernatorial poll.

Most residents of Lagos, Nigeria’s business capital are in a consensus that a recurrence of the orgy of violence such as experienced in the last Presidential election in some parts of the State must be avoided.

They say politicians and political parties should stop statements and actions capable of inciting the people against one another. They also want the Independent National Electoral Commission to provide a level playing ground for all candidates and ensure that the people’s votes count.


Lateefah Ibrahim