Lagos train Graduates on Automobile skills

Luqmon Balogun, Lagos

A beneficiary receiving training tools from the Commissioner for Wealth creation and Employment, Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf

The Lagos Sate Government through the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment has flagged-off a Graduate Trainee program on ‘Auto-Maintenance and Repair Skills’.

The move is in realisation of the all-inclusive government which is geared towards enhancing people’s capacities, improve revenue generation and expand labour market opportunities.

The Lagos State Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment, Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf who flagged off the on-boarding ceremony at the Automedics Training Institute, Alausa, Ikeja said that the government was keen to giving good, valuable and quality technical and vocational skills training opportunity to the youths.

“Training and skills development covers the full sequence of life stages, basic education and give individuals a basis for development of their potentials, laying foundation for employability. It also provides the core work skills, general knowledge and industry- based and professional competencies that facilitates the transition from education into the world of work.” 

“Vocational training also tends to be less expensive than longer academic educational programs and gives considerably greater freedom for income generation.” she said.

The Commissioner said that the absence of white-collar jobs in the country which accounted for the high rate of unemployment among the teeming youths gave birth to the idea, which according to her would address the issue of unemployment, thereby create matching skills to the needs of the budding entrepreneurs.

Akinbile-Yusuf said that they would start with about 50 Lagos Unemployed youths who would be trained on Auto maintenance and repairs for the next six months.

She said that the State was working in collaboration with Automedics Training Institute Ikeja, to train the beneficiaries on; Auto-Diagnosis, Auto Electrical, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and Heavy Duty and Diesel Engine Maintenance and repair.

“There is huge investment in Lagos youths in order to bridge the gap in the unemployment of our graduates. With this on-boarding program, we are starting with 50 Lagos unemployed youths out of over 600 applicants.

They were selected regardless of their field of study but based on their passion and antecedent in automotive engineering.

I’m very sure that before the end of this six months training, we would have strike another deal for over hundred openings,” the Commissioner explained.

Economic impact
“The impact of this program on the economy, by building a skilled workforce for strong, sustainable and balanced growth cannot be over emphasised. Equipping the workforce with the skills required for the jobs today and those of tomorrow is a concern for national growth and development.

 New occupations are emerging and replacing others, within each occupation, required skills and competencies are evolving as the knowledge content of production process and services is rising,” she said.

Bus Reform initiative
She said that truly, the Bus Reforms Initiative of the current administration which was poised to provide about 5,000 buses on Lagos routes to ease transportation would be maintained by technical partners and would also call for local competent technicians. Hence the need for the training.

More technicians
The Chief Executive Officer of Automedics, Mr Kunle Shonaike said that the training would assist in cushioning the effect of dearth of Automobile technicians in the State, considering the numbers of cars that ply the road on daily basis.

Shonaike who applauded the initiative of the State government said that it was a futuristic idea to cater for the Automotive industry.

According to him “Look at a lot of vehicles  on our roads. We have over two million vehicles plying our roads. And you can imagine if we have close to five million vehicles and the percentage of technicians we have is about 20 percent. So we need people to do this and we need more of this.”

Some of the beneficiaries expressed delight to have such a rear opportunity to build an entrepreneurial base for them in Automobile Industry and promised to key into the government vision of moving the State forward with ideas and in an ideal manner.


Confidence Okwuchi