Lagos trains teachers on effective management of students

By Luqmon Balogun, Lagos


The Lagos State government has organised a training workshop for teachers in a bid to achieve a robust learning outcome in education.

The training is a deliberate attempt to enhance the capacity of the human resources through continuous training of teachers.

Chairman, Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King gave this indication at a 5 day capacity building workshop for Early Child Care Development Education in Lagos.

“We can have the best of infrastructure but if we don’t have the right sets of teachers, I don’t think the learning outcome is going to be very encouraging.

The world is changing, evolving on a daily basis and in other for us to survive in a competitive world, we need extra-ordinary and additional skills and that is why it is necessary for us to provide these skills for you,” he said

Alawiye-King said that the Board members of LASUBEB remains committed to the promise of bequeathing a better educational standard to the people of the State especially through its mantra of ‘leave no child behind’.

He explained that since the state government wants teachers that are academically and professionally qualified, there is the need for the government to continuously train its workforce to be at par with their contemporaries globally.

The training according to the Chairman “was part of the policy direction of the Board to empower teachers, by preparing them for higher callings, through the acquisition of necessary skill that is required of them to be competitive anywhere in the world.”

He however urged participants to take advantage of the training and be prepared to make the outcome of the training reflect on the performance of the pupils of Lagos public primary school positively.

Knowledge extension

The Director of Schools Support Department, LASUBEB, Mr. Ade Abatan enjoined participants to extend the knowledge gained at the training programme to the school pupils and other teachers.

“We do expect that the lessons learnt at this programme should not end with you, when you get back to your school, we want to see changes in the school children as well as your colleagues. You should cascade the knowledge you are going to gain from the training to them” he said.

The representative of the Universal Basic Education Commission, Achu Anne, appreciated the Executive Chairman of the Board for the opportunity given to the teachers through the training programme.

The training workshop with the theme “Effective Management of the Classroom” was organised simultaneously in three different centres in the State which includes; Kosofe, Oshodi and Lagos Island.


Emmanuel Ukoh