Lawmaker advocates more synergy in arms of government

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


As the 8th National Assembly ends on Saturday, House of Representatives members advised the coming 9thAssembly to look for more synergy and collaboration with the executive arm to ensure that bills passed by the lawmakers are assented to for the benefit of Nigerians.

Mrs. Beni Lar, a returning House of Representatives’ member from Plateau State made the call in a chat with newsmen in Abuja on the performance of the 8th Assembly.

Mrs. Lar said a lot have been achieved in terms of passage of bills and motions, pursuing public opinion on bills as well as strengthening oversight aimed at making Nigerians benefit from government’s policies and programmes.

She said:“The major challenge was getting assent of Mr. President. After all these hard work and the lawmakers putting so much efforts is a little bit a bottleneck when some of these bills are not assented to. For instance I sponsored a Child Protection Agency Bill; a bill to form an agency according to international standard to protect the right of children and that passed unfortunately it was not assented to.

There are similar example of some very good legislations that the Presidency need to look into very well and may be have a better synergy, communication with the National Assembly before it presented to the President for assent so that he understand the feeling of Nigerians well. ”

ISO Certification

On the House Committee on Science and Technology she chaired during the 8th Assembly, the lawmaker said a lot of successes have been recorded within the four years, which included some of the agencies under the Ministry getting the International Standard Organization (ISO) Certification, the first to achieve in West Africa.

“Because during the appropriation process we make sure that they get the Molecular Laboratory and all the scientific labs they needed to get the certification.

This certification is very important because now it will allow all goods made in Nigeria that passed the test from the ISO certification to sell their products in all countries without going for any further testing,” she added.

Mrs. Beni Lar said out of the 382 bills passed by the House nine belong to the committee aimed at developing the nation’s science and technology sector for industrialization and growth.

Dr. Osai Nicholas Osai on the other hand said most of the bills returned by the President did not meet the proper drafting process.

Dr. Osai Osai, a House Member from Delta State said, part of his plan for the lawmakers in the 9thAssembly is to enlighten them on the Bill Drafting to meet the standard.