Lawmaker applauds election of Nigerian into Italian Senate

Yinka Salaam, Osogbo

Toni Iwobi

A Nigerian lawmaker Olatunbosun Oyintiloye has applauded the election of Toni Iwobi into the Italian Senate, saying it signifies an end to racism on the global platform.

Iwobi, an Italian man of Nigerian origin was recently elected as a Senator in the industrial city of Brasca, Italy.

Speaking to Voice of Nigeria in Osogbo, capital of the Western Nigerian state of Osun, Oyintiloye, joined the international community to congratulate Iwobi who he described as a pride of Africa and a good ambassador of Nigeria.

The lawmaker, a member of the state House of Assembly said the war against racism had just been struck the heaviest blow with the election of Iwobi as the first black Senator.

He noted that though fortunes had been lost to racism, Iwobi’s election remains an indication that the world is ready to rise above sentiments.

The Chairman, House Committee on Information and Strategy thus applauded the election umpire for creating a level playing ground for Iwobi’s emergence.

“I must commend the Italy’s electoral body for providing an equal opportunity for interested individuals to contest leadership positions in the country regardless of their differences, background or religion affiliations. 

“Having also demonstrated a high level of integrity which earned him the revered position, I urge the new Senator Iwobi to keep the flag flying and give his best in eradicating human trafficking, slavery, racism and other trans-border crimes internationally,” Oyintiloye advised.

Toni Iwobi, is a Nigerian IT entrepreneur who has spent 38 years in Italy. He became the first black senator in the European country after serving as the chief immigration spokesman for the far-right League Party.

The 62 year old who was born in Gussau, Northern Nigeria migrated to Italy some 40 years ago and was first elected as a councillor in 1995.