Lawmakers call for efforts to revive Lake Chad

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The Nigerian government has been urged to make concerted efforts to solve the Ecological catastrophe and Humanitarian crises in the Lake Chad Basin and increase budgetary allocations for the Lake Chad Basin Commission.

There’s also the call to make renewed commitment to the protection of the Internally Displaced Persons, provide emergency life -saving assistance and work closely with development partners to address the crises.

These were the resolution adopted by the House of Representatives on the motion on the need to address the Ecological Catastrophe and Humanitarian Crises in the Lake Chad Basin.

Presenting the motion, Mr. James Faleke expressed worries that the shrinking of the lake has caused several conflicts as to which countries that border Lake Chad have the rights to the remaining water.

Mr. Faleke argued that “the surface area of the Lake, which was more than 26,000 square kilometres, had been decreasing due to increased demand on the lake’s water from the local population as well as shifting climate patterns, and is currently less than 1,400 square kilometres.

Concerned that the decrease in surface area has resulted in desertification and a decline in vegetation causing humans and other natural species in the area to be stressed.

Worried that the shrinking of the lake has caused several conflicts as to which countries that border Lake Chad have the rights to the remaining water, consequently leading to increasing violence in the area.

Also worried that food insecurity and malnutrition in the region have reached critical levels as reports shows that humanitarian crises across the Lake Chad Basin is one of the World’s most severe and has resulted in mass displacement and migration of people from the region.”

In their separate contributions, Mr. Shuaibu AbdulRahman and Mr. Sadiq Ibrahim from Adamawa State, Dr. Muhammad Sani Abdu from Bauchi State as well as Mr. Yusuf Buba Yakubu from Yobe State, all advocated for more political will to deal with the situation.

The lawmakers also urged government to provide 20% of the money needed for drawing water from River Congo to resuscitate the Lake Chad.

“The way government pays attention to Mambila Hydropower Project, the government pays attention to agriculture, the way government pays attention to Railway Transportation and the way government pays attention to Lagos-Ibadan Express Way and second Niger Bridge should be given to reviving the Lake Chad to what it was.” The Lawmakers added.

Lake Chad has shrunken to one tenth of its original capacity due to climate change that caused insurgency in the Lake Chad region.

In 1964, Lake Chad Basin Commission was established to harness the resources of the lake for aquaculture, potable water for people and livestock and irrigation for agricultural development.


Aisha JM