Liberia gives Arsène Wenger hero’s welcome


Arsenal’s former manager, Arsène Wenger has arrived in Liberia ahead of an award ceremony on Friday when he is due to receive the country’s highest honour.

Wenger was President George Weah’s first European football coach and brought him to Monaco in 1988.

The president is the only African to have won the Fifa World Player of the Year award.

He retired from football in 2003 and took up politics.

Liberians have been tweeting photographs of Wenger being welcomed to the country.

The former Arsenal manager got to meet another Arsène, according to this tweet:

”Liberia’s Arsenal fan club had organised a special welcome ceremony of their own for Wenger,” Liberia Information Minister Eugene Nagbe said.

Order of Distinction
Wenger will be inducted into the country’s Order of Distinction and be given the title of ‘Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption,’ the highest rank possible.

The news has generated controversy in Liberia, with some saying that the honour should not be given to an individual for what they have done for the president personally.

Mercy Chukwudiebere