Liberian journalist gets police protection


The Liberian journalist who broke the news about the millions of dollar worth of newly printed banknotes going missing has had to get police protection after his life was threatened.

Philipbert Browne said that he and his staff had received several calls “from strange people” who threatened to kill him.

As a result, “20 armed police men were deployed at my house last night. I slept sound because the police director visited my home and left 20 armed men deployed there,” he said.

But Mr Brown, publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper, has vowed he is not going to leave the country.

“I am a journalist, I have the right to expose ills in society,” he said.

The government has ordered an investigation into the alleged disappearance of the bank notes that had reportedly come from abroad between November last year and August this year

Nneka Ukachukwu