Libyan authority releases programme of activities marking 7 years since revolution


Libyan authorities have released a line-up of programme to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution of 2011.

The programme which will be held at the Martyrs square, in the heart of the capital, where Gaddafi used to deliver his speeches is to celebrate liberation from 42 years of authoritarian rule.

But for many Libyans, there is not much to celebrate in an oil rich country where basic services are still lacking as violence and divisions continue, fueling uncertainty and despair, especially among young people.

Hamdi al-Bechir is only 17 years old, but says “wait for deliverance for seven years”. “I do not want to wait 42 years as my father did with Muammar” Gaddafi.

“I do not expect to be robbed of my youth and my life, I am going to throw myself into the sea with the migrants, without returning,” said Hamdi, in front of the clothing store where he works.

Since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, which led to the disintegration of the security apparatus, Libya has been torn apart by the struggle for influence .

Two authorities are competing for power and none has managed to restore order in the territory it claims to control.

A presidential and legislative elections is scheduled for 2018