‘Living in Bondage’:Breaking Free, set to hit the airwaves


Blockbuster film, ‘Living in Bondage’ is set to release a sequel after 26-years.

The Nollywood movie ‘Living in Bondage:Breaking Free, is written by Nicole Asinugo and Chukwudi Obasi, and directed by veteran actor Ramsey Nouah.

The new movie features Kenneth Okonkwo, who starred as ‘Andy’ in the original thriller, among other cast members.

It is scheduled for release on November 8.

The film was shot ‘straight-to-video’ and produced in Igbo, and starred Kenneth Okonkwo and Nnenna Nwabueze in their breakout roles.

It tells the story of Andy (Kenneth Okonkwo) and Merit Okeke (Nnenna Nwabueze), a young couple facing harsh economic challenges that eventually pushed Andy to join a cult.

Members of the fraternity swore their loyalty to ‘Lucifer’ and kill their loved ones in ritualized sacrifices for wealth.

Andy met the ‘demands’ of the cult and eventually became very rich, however the nemesis that unfolded became the intrigues that define his ‘Living in Bondage.’

Rahila L.