Locally-produced rice dominates the FCT


Some Federal Capital Territory (FCT) residents say locally produced rice are more nutritious and healthier than the imported one.

The residents agreed that if locally produced rice was properly rebranded, there would be no need for the importation of foreign and stale rice into the country.

Anthony Agbonlahor, a Constitutional lawyer and a foodstuff merchant described locally produced rice as a healthy staple food, which was becoming popular among Nigerians due to many benefits.

“Nigeria rice has a particular allure, delicacy and fragrance that makes people want to savour it with ease and apart from its nutritional benefits but it has to be rebranded for safety.

“Many Nigerians now appreciate locally produced items including our food crops which tend to compete with foreign produce and our local rice is healthy,’’ Agbonlahor said.

An Agriculturist and Nutritionist, Ms Vera Godwin said she preferred locally produced rice because “it is brought straight from the farm”.

“Though imported rice is easier to cook but we have to consider the health benefits.

“Foreign rice might be easier to cook but you still need to add ingredients for it to come out well, but our local rice doesn’t need ingredients.

“I usually eat our locally produced rice and due to its rich content, I can stay untill evening without feeling hungry,’’ she said.

Peter Chinedu, Information Technology Expert and Agriculturist appealed to Nigerian local rice producers, government and stakeholders to rebrand the staple food and assist farmers to produce more to feed the population.

“Our rice is healthy but its common knowledge that oftentimes it’s difficult to pick out the stones.

“In fact, government should rather increase the price of foreign rice and reduce the cost of our locally produced rice for more appeal,’’ Chinedu said.