Low turnout of voters in parts of Abuja

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


There is low turnout in some areas of Abuja in the ongoing Area Council Election holding in the Federal Capital Territory.

Though the process is smooth and those that were made it to the polling units conducted themselves in an orderly manner.

In Apo Legislative Zone 3, where three thousand six hundred and eighty-six voters registered less than two hundred voters cast their votes as at 10:30am.

“We have less than 200.  We have seven voting points here but none of the point has up to 50 people that cast their vote.” Mr. Francis Adache, the Presiding Officer.

In Apo Village Dan Kogi Filling Station where three thousand voters registered, about two hundred people exercise their civic responsibility

Similarly in the City Centre FCDA Quarters two thousand three hundred and seventy five voters registered, according to the Presiding Officer, Ahmed AbdulHamid, less than two hundred people cast their votes.

He said “We have 5 voting points here. In all, I don’t think if we have up to two hundred people that vote.”

In all the polling units visited there were enough security, and there was no challenge what so ever either of the card reader or materials for the election.

Movements were restricted in all the areas visited, police were seen at strategic locations few metres away from polling units, controlling vehicular movements and pedestrians, to ensure that only those that have business with the election have access to the areas.

Residents of the Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, are electing the Chairmen and Councillors of the, FCT six area councils.