Macron: G7 leaders agree to fight Amazon fires


eaders of the G7 have all agree that countries hit by forest fires in the Amazon region should get help as quickly as possible.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is hosting the G7 summit, said this in Biarritz.

There are contacts that are being made with all the countries of Amazonia by our teams so that we can finalize very concrete technical and financial commitments,” Macron said.

Reforestation is also essential but there were “various outlooks” among the leaders “because that all depends on the countries of Amazonia,” who were justifiably attached to their sovereignty, Macron acknowledged.

But the stakes in Amazonia, for these countries and for the international community, in terms of biodiversity, oxygen, the fight against global warming, are such that this reforestation has to be done,” Macron warned.