Mali’s ex-president returns home after exile


Mali’s former President Amadou Toumani Touré has returned to the country after a long exile in Senegal. The former president who was a victim of a coup in March 2012 was greeted by a large crowd this Sunday, December 15.

”  I came to welcome the president who is back in the fold,  ” says a supporter of former president Amadou Toumani Toure, known as ATT.

Hundreds of supporters stormed the private home of the former president on hearing about his arrival.

”  He was an exemplary president for Mali, he knows Mali better than anyone,  “ said another supporter.

Dressed in a magnificent  blue coloured boubou in his private residence, the ex-president attended to his teeming supporters.

”  He is the father of Mali’s own democracy, he taught us to love each other,  ” said another supporter before being interrupted by another support from the former president. ”  Without ATT, there is no Mali, ATT is the solution  “.

However, according to sources, the former president has hinted that he will no longer participate in politics in Mali.