Mass protest underway in Liberia



Hundreds of people on their way to a mass protest dubbed “Save the State” in Monvoria, Liberia, have abandoned their vehicles as police searches have brought traffic to a standstill.

Shops and banks are also closed.

The protesters aim to put pressure on President George Weah to fight corruption and stop alleged violations of the constitution.

They accuse him of ignoring the plight of the impoverished Liberian people and concentrating more on acquiring wealth.

The organisers are expecting the mass protest to be the largest against a government since the end of the country’s civil war 15 years ago.

Under enormous pressure to allow the protest go ahead, the Liberian president said in a pre-recorded nationwide address last week that it was the constitutional rights of citizens to protest.

But tensions were high ahead of the protest and heavily-armed police were joined by the Drug Enforcement Agency and Immigration police.

Police Chief Patrick Sudue, however, promised the protesters protection.

Organisers said they will not leave the protest grounds until President George Weah takes actions against his finance minister, Samuel Tweah, and the governor of the Central Bank, Nathaniel Patray, in connection with the mishandling of $25m.