Massive heatwave leaves 1,500 French residents dead


The unprecedented heatwave that has slammed France this summer has left 1,500 residents dead.

But the health minister Agnes Buzyn said the deaths were less than the scorching heat wave in 2003 that claimed 15,000 lives.

We have succeeded thanks to prevention, thanks to workable messages the French population heeded to reduce fatalities by a factor of 10,” she said.

The highest temperature in France this summer was 46 degrees Celsius on June 28 at Verargues in the south of France.

This year’s heatwaves hit France in June and July, with a new record temperature of 46 degrees Celsius (114.8 degrees Fahrenheit) recorded in the south on June 28.

While the 2003 heatwave lasted 20 days in all, this year’s lasted for 18, in two separate heatwaves, the second covering a large part of France.