Mauritian 1st female president says goodbye with a ‘heavy heart’


Ameenah Gurib-Fakim officially resigned her position as President of the Republic of Mauritius on Friday, saying she did so ‘with a heavy heart’.

Gurib-Fakim reiterated her explanation that she had inadvertently used a Platinum Card offered by Álvaro Sobrinho’s Planet Earth Institute for personal shopping, but had reimbursed all the money spent.

“I am confident that if there is an investigation, the truth will burst and I will be exonerated.”


In a video shared on YouTube, Gurib-Fakim also took stock of her journey since her swearing in June 2015.

“I remain the first female president of our country and I remain proud to have had the support of both sides of the House for my appointment as president. This too is part of my legacy.”

Gurib-Fakim who made history as the nation’s first female president announced that she will be returning to the field of science and research.

In the meantime the government has decided to set up a commission of inquiry into Platinum Card and Gurib-Fakim’s dealings, one of which terms of reference is whether she violated the constitution.