Media Stakeholders call for improved welfare of Journalists

Cynthia  Okere

The contribution of the media in the development of the country is not yet well appreciated.
Journalists’s welfare has to be given adequate attention to make them more dedicated to their jobs.
A lecturer at Elizade University, Dayo Duyile stated this in Lagos during the launching of his book titled ‘Makers of the Nigerian Press.
Mr. Duyile decry the poor attention given to the welfare of media workers and called on media owners to take the welfare of  journalists seriously so that they can be rated at the Same level with their counterparts in other professions.
“The welfare of journalists is creating problem for the integrity of journalists in the country. The book is trying to advocate to the owners of media owners to do something to do something about their welfare.” He stated.
Mr. Duyile explained that the former  Lagos State governor, Lateef Jakande was  honored in the book because of his remarkable efforts in shaping the country’s journalism and educational sectors.
He called on government to restart the morning, afternoon and evening school system which Jakande introduced during his time saying that it will occupy people from irrelevant activities and improve the country’s educational standard.
“When Alhaji Jakande found out that there were so many pupils that were not going to school because there were no enough classroom, he started morning,  afternoon and evening school system which has been eradicated in the present day school system. If such system  can be revived, it will go a long way occupying the children and parents will be happy because their wards are engaged.” He said.
Duyile also called for training and retraining of journalists to enable them meet up with the demand of the new media recommending the book for everyone.
The book reviwer, Lanre Arogundade said the book titled ‘Makers of the Nigerian Press’ is about the history of Nigeria which looked at the various aspects of the dimensions of media development in the country.
According to him, the book traced the country’s roots during the colonial and missionary period, the evolution of the media, the liberalization of media landscape and the advent of technology and how it has changed the media among others saying it’s a must read by all especially mass communication scholars and media workers.
“You cannot separate the history of the media from the history of the country.
The book was dedicated to the former governor of Lagos State, Lateef Jakande as the father of modern journalism in Nigeria given the role he played in the establishment of Nigeria Union of Journalists and the first journalism training institution in the country, Nigeria Institute of Journalism. It is a book that came at the right and is recommended for everyone especially those in the media.” He added.
The former governor of Ogun State, Olusegun Osoba called on journalists to create standard in their profession so that there will be a great difference between them and bloggers who are not trained in the field frowning at the rate bloggers circulate unverified information.
“Bloggers are the ones creating problems. We journalists cannot fight them because freedom of expression is in the constitution. Journalists should go online and create standard.
The book ‘Makers of the Nigerian Press’ is a seven hundred and eighty two pages containing eighty eight chapters.