Media stakeholders caution journalists on fake accent

By Yemi Ogunnubi and Margeret Ulanmo, Lagos


Journalists in Nigeria have been advised to streamline the kind of content put in place for discussion during phone-in programmes on their stations.

The Director of Operations Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Prince Adeyinkaa Amosu stated this at the 4th International Digital Broadcast Media Convention in Lagos.

Amosu said that the audience should not dictate the content of programmes.

He, however, called on presenters to thoroughly research issues before airing the programme.

“Presenters or anchors should know their audience and create a niche in their environment to be able to get their audiences’ attention,” he said.

He further stated that “They should keep to the ethics and standard guiding the broadcasting code”.

He advocated the essence of thorough research to news dissemination.

Amosu identified improper scripting as a danger to programmes production.

Native accent
The Managing Director of Rwells, Mrs Jibe Ologeh said some anchors of programmes usually adopt a foreign accent instead of their native accent, thus making their accent fake.

The Managing Director said accent is more important than phonetics.

This makes the audience prefer to tune to stations that promote their culture and language.

Ologeh advised that anyone coming into broadcast should be guided by professionalism.

She added that the media industry is an organization that should guide its own members on the right quality content to disseminate during broadcasts.