Medical experts advise Nigerians on healthy lifestyles


Medical experts have advised Nigerians to adopt healthy lifestyles so as to prevent diseases and to live better and longer.


The experts gave the advice during a news conference at the 2nd International Lifestyle Medicine Conference in Abuja, organised by the Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria (SOLONg)’.


They advised Nigerians to engage in physical activities, have restorative night time sleep, involve in social support, avoid taking harmful substances and go for regular check-up.


Dr Ifeoma Monye, President of SOLONg, said lifestyle medicine was an evidence-based medical field where professionals used simple lifestyle therapeutic approaches to prevent, treat and often times reverse the cause of life time chronic illnesses.


“We are talking about illnesses such as hypertension, illnesses, type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers and all these illness that plague us.


We know that before now, we have been dealing with just communicable diseases in Africa but now it is crippling on us that some people are dropping dead with heart attack, something that was very rare in this clime,’’ she said.


Monye, a Chief Consultant Family Physician, advised Nigerians to eat more plant-based foods, vegetables and fruits.


Similarly, Dr Adaeze Ifezulike, Vice-President (Dispora) of SOLONg, advised Nigerians to embrace simple lifestyles that would keep them fit.


“We are getting more doctors, nutritionists, healthcare workers to carry the message to people and we are calling on more professionals to join us.


The first set of doctors will take the first board certification exams on Sunday and after training them, they can also join us in advocating for lifestyle medicine,’’ she said.


L. Nasir