Mental healthcare delivery, preventive suicide measure – Psychologist


An Abuja based Psychologist, Dr Ijeoma Nwafor, says compulsory healthcare for all is the only preventive measure against rising cases of suicide in Nigeria.

Nwafor told the press that addressing social economic issues is also key to preventing the menace.

She said that mental healthcare delivery would help to teach children and teenagers healthy stress coping mechanisms aimed at making them better adults.

“Sensitisation seminars and programmes on stress coping mechanisms and depression and other mental health issues would help,” Nwafor said.

The Psychologist, who decried the alarming rate of suicide in the society, blamed it on protracted depression.

According to her, suicide is cause by depression and lack of effective coping mechanism.

She explained that the causes are exasperated by economic hardship, unemployment, family or relationship tension as well as failed and frustrated attempts to achieve goals.

Nwafor called on the society to harp on effective communication technology, which she said is necessary for information, adding that information would go a long way in reducing suicide.

Suicide has been on the increase in Nigeria in the past few years.