Ministry seizes 200 cartons of expired food in Calabar

By Eme Offiong, Calabar

The seized items.

Two hundred cartons of fake and expired products have been destroyed in Calabar, Cross River State, southern Nigeria.

A joint team of Food Safety and Environmental Health Officers from the Cross River Ministry of Health and members of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, seized and destroyed during a mob up exercise in parts of Calabar capital city.

Item seized
Items seized included 40 bottles of Mayonnaise and salad creams, 10 cartons each of Corn Flakes, Golden Morn, Peak Milk (powdered and liquid) and Quaker Oats. Others include 5 cartons of Custard Powder, 3 cartons of assorted canned fish, 15 cartons of assorted biscuits, 15 cartons of Blue Band and 20 cartons of spaghetti and noodles.

The team also seized 12 cartons of Eva wine and Eva Water, 93 cartons of assorted malt and soft drinks, 6 cartons of assorted energy drinks and 15 cartons of Rite and Gala.

Protecting Nigerians
The Information Officer of the NSCDC Cross River Command, Solomon Eremi said; “the team seized fake and expired medical products. A place, where the supply cow skin also known as pomo was raided and closed down because the people sell soaked cow skin in formalin. A chemical used to preserve cadaver.”

”The cost of the items seized and destroyed runs into millions. We estimated the cost to be over 10 million naira. We need to protect Nigerians from the dangers of these fake, expired and contaminated products,” he stated.

He further urged the people to be wary of buying ‘so called preserved cow skin for consumption and report those known perpetrators living within their communities to the authorities for action.

He further cautioned, “we know that these people, who fake and contaminate these foods and other consumables live amongst us. They can support our effort by being vigilant and contact us immediately once they see people engaging in such illegality.”  

Expiry Dates
The Permanent Secretary of the Cross River State Ministry of Health, Dr. Joseph Bassey said the team warned the public against making purchases without checking for the expiry dates.

Dr Bassey said; ” I am urging the public to check any product for the expiry date before buying such. We are also appealing to NAFDAC and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, SON, to enforce the law by punishing offenders for selling fake and expired products.”

He promised to conduct regular inspections of markets, stores and kiosks within the metropolis and across the State.


Mercy Chukwudiebere