Miss Nigeria urges parents to monitor children’s television programmes


Parents have been advised to monitor what their under age children view on television stations and the social media to curb the rate of immorality in the society.

Miss Nigeria, Chidimma Aaron, gave the advice while speaking on issues bordering on moral perception of some reality show programmes on some television stations.

The 26-year-old model from Anambra said parents owe their children the responsibility of deciding which programme has moral value and will be of advantage to the children’s future.

According to her programmes rated 18 and above by the regulatory agency should be blocked by parents.

 “ Parents must, therefore, guide their young adults on the contents of what they are viewing on television stations.

 “They should use teachable moments and healthy conversation tactics to interact with them during such programmes,” she said.

She noted that whether the children were young or old, the parents still had the responsibility to guide them through the right path.

 “To achieve this effectively, parents have to keep an open mind with their children.

 “They must also view the topic at hand, weigh it and take the right action instead of accusing the media industry of airing immoral programmes on the various television stations,” she said.


Rahila L.