Mixed reactions trail President Buhari’s victory in Calabar


Imelda Igbobi-Green

Residents of Calabar, the Capital of Cross River State, South-South, Nigeria have shared their mixed feelings with our correspondent on the victory of President Muhammed Buhari in the February 23rd 2019.

One of the residents of the area, Mr. Ojua Plus,when asked about the victory of President as the re-elected President in Nigeria said:‘’it is not by surprise the President won because on my own I have been praying for him to win.’’

Bring back sanity to Nigeria

Mr. Ofumon Cosmos Agban, another resident in Calabar, also reacted on the President second term in office. ‘’I know fully well that he was going to win. I have been a full time follower of his programme from day one, that he resumed office 2015 up to the day of his election. I Always tell people that, the person that will bring back sanity to Nigeria is Buhari,”

Another resident of Calabar, Dr. Asu Yakusu Shendam, stated that, ‘’We believe in the next four years when he is leaving the office as President, President Buhari will hand power over to us, the new generation party.” 

Meanwhile, Miss Victoria Tom, said in her own reaction said, ‘’…we cannot change anything. It is not in our power to take him out,” she said.

She said the President has already been re-elected since he won wh and that no amount of speeches would take him out of the seat adding that they would manage for the next other years.


Lateefah Ibrahim