Mobile Museum to promote Ife history opens September

Ooni of Ife

A mobile museum that seeks to restore and promote Yoruba civilisation across the globe is set to launch in Ife, southwestern Nigeria.

It follows the stage performance about Queen Moremi, which sought to promote the rich history of the region.

The mobile museum, which promises lots of economic, political and socio-cultural benefits, seeks to draw global attention to the richness of Odùduwà culture and stimulate international collaborations.

The project is a collaborative effort among the Ooni of Ife, the governments of Brazil, Cuba and over 20 other countries.

It will be unveiled on September 7 at the Brazilian Embassy in Lagos.

A four-day exhibition of antiquities, art recreations of divinities and treasures of ancestors of Odùduwà descendants will follow the unveiling ceremony.

The event will last 60 days during which priceless cultural materials of African origin, will be moved from place to place within Lagos for all to see.

The cultural items slated for the exhibition will recall earliest civilisation of Odùduwà people spread across the world and their place in the history of mankind.

The cultural items combine to reinforce the belief that, humanity originated from Ilé-Ifẹ̀, the acclaimed origin of the Odùduwà people located in South Western part of Nigeria.

The unveiling ceremony will coincide with Brazil’s 197th Independence Day anniversary-Brazil is said to be the only country in the world with over 80 million Odùduwà descendants as part of its population.
The museum project has been designed to have Ilé-Ifẹ̀ and Brazil as its split base.