Morocco tries again, bids for 2030 World cup


The King of Morocco has insisted that the country must bid for the 2030 World Cup.

It follows the announcement from football’s world-governing body Fifa on Wednesday that the north African nation had lost out to the US, Canada and Mexico’s joint bid to host the 2026 event.

Moncef Belkhayat, a member of the Moroccan 2026 Bid Committee and former sports minster, confirmed the new bid to the BBC:

Yes. I am delighted to see that His Majesty the King Mohammed VI has taken the decision to make Morocco a nation bid for World Cup 2030.

That shows that Morocco is a country of openness, tolerance and shares values of the world, making football a key driver for social development and economic growth.

It shows also our perseverance to do better and better for the sake of Morocco and worldwide football.”

By the time the 2026 finals take place, Africa will have hosted just one of 23 World Cups – while Mexico alone will have staged three separate tournaments.

The 2010 finals in South Africa only came about after football’s world governing body specifically introduced a rotation system in 2001.

Some African football delegates are keen for FIFA to reintroduce a rotation system for World Cup hosting after Morocco failed attempt to land the 2026 World Cup.

“Rotation would be a solution,” said Malawi FA president Walter Nyamilandu.