Mozambique to close deadly rubbish dump

People react as they watch rescuers searching for bodies of victims buried under collapsed garbage piles in Maputo, Mozambique.

A massive rubbish dump in Mozambique’s capital, which collapsed during rains last year killing 17 people, is be shut down with the help of Japan, the mayor of Maputo has announced.

The dump in the Hulene district of the Maputo is home to some of the city’s poorest residents, who build makeshift camps amid the rubbish.

In February 2018 heavy rains caused a pile of waste, estimated to be 15m (49ft) high, to collapse.

Mayor Eneas Comiche says Japan, through its international co-operation agency Jica, will provide the city authorities with technical assistance for organising its closure, though no date has been yet set.

For now a firm was being sought to compress the rubbish to avoid further collapses during the coming rainy season, he said.

“We think by the end of September, the company will have been hired to begin work.”

Plans were also being prepared to make the area more habitable, Mr Comiche said.

“We are also studying how the place can be transformed into a re-usable area from a few years from now.”


Sammie Idika